About Us

A Glimpse Inside™ exists to highlight the humanity of the unborn...


Why wait until someone's facing an unexpected pregnancy? 

We are proactively working to provide young people the tools to help answer the tough questions they will ultimately face.

The JPII Life Center and Sophia Institute for Teachers collaborated to create an engaging education program that any educator, program manager and parent can use.

A Glimpse Inside™ provides a compelling window into the womb, revealing the dignity of the unborn. There is no other high-quality pro-life educational video series that uses 3D/4D ultrasound technology and pro-life apologetics led by board-certified physicians to inform minds and transform hearts across the nation. 

JPII Life Center


The JPII Life Center is a leading pro-life non-profit in Texas that provides free pregnancy services, holistic OB-GYN healthcare, and life-affirming education programs for young teens and adults. From top doctors to professional counselors, and licensed educators, we provide abortion vulnerable mothers with compassionate, life-saving support so that they never feel abortion is the only option. JPII Life Center’s education programs offer young teens, adults, and parents’ essential information necessary to recognize the dignity of every human life. 

Sophia Institute For Teachers


Sophia Institute for Teachers was founded in 2013 to renew and rebuild Catholic culture through service to Catholic education. We were founded by Catholic teachers who wanted something different — engaging professional development and more effective materials that require less prep time. With the goal of nurturing the spiritual, moral, and cultural life of souls, and an abiding respect for the role and work of teachers, Sophia Institute for Teachers provides materials and programs that are at once enlightening to the mind and ennobling to the heart; faithful and complete, as well as useful and practical.